Defeating the web- Testimonial


A couple of years back, I was diagnosed with what is called The Web!! This disease is found in more women than men because of our cycles as ladies. A little bit about the disease it attacks the throat causing difficultly to swallow simple foods like rice and chicken. Whenever one tries to swallow food, the throat closes up. I couldn’t eat anything solid and had to eat mashed food. This was so depressing because I used to eat everything perfectly and I loooove my food.

The doctors were having a hard time trying to trace the situation. So after countless examinations, I remember I told God this last time to give the docs wisdom to see exactly what’s going on and I prayed over the instrument that was used to examine me.

So, they finally found what it was and how to go about treating it. I prayed for the Doc who would be treating me and I got the sweetest most caring, patient Doc. She was truly God sent. Fast forward, a procedure was done twice. It was very painful but God gave me the grace to go through it. So after the procedure I still had a fear of eating regular food, you all know how fear can creep up at the wrong times too. So a Pastor prayed for me and I will never forget this: he told me go and eat rice and chicken. In my head I’m like: I don’t want to choke but I had to cast out those fears! He told me: you gonna have to use your faith on this. I did. I ate rice and chicken after and I can’t tell you I had tears running down, OMG I’m eating again wow God I’m actually swallowing food!

The little things we take for granted Right???

From our sister in Boston -Massachusetts, United States


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