Former church girl

I was very humbled to have been asked by She Found Grace to write a post on their blog (their blog is very inspiring). The blog post: ‘Former church girl’ reflects on the judgements one may face when deciding to take a step back from attending church regularly. Whether one is a ‘full-time church goer’, ‘once in a while church goer’ or ‘non church goer’, let us learn to love and embrace one another, rather than judging.

She Found Grace

I’m excited to introduce my very first Collab Guest. I hope her words fill your heart as it has mine, ladies please welcome Vanessa from ” Pear Sisters”.

Vanessa Annelies is a daughter of Zion, watchman and intercessor who uses her life experiences to encourage others with their Christian walk. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Vanessa founded Pearl Sisters in 2015 as a platform to connect Christians worldwide and to spread the gospel. The online Christian blog has been able to reach over 100 countries and has now also started a YouTube channel.

“It is my goal to see women thrive, grow and be the best person that they can possibly be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I see myself as a tool used to help women in their faith journey. It is my vision to see the gospel reach all the nations around the world…

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