Loving my unbelieving family


Dear sister,

I have recently become a born again Christian. Growing up, we used to attend the Catholic Church, however it is not until now that I really know God. I have had divine encounters, dream and I speak in tongues. I am so excited about Jesus. However, my family doesn’t understand me. They think I have become delusional. They think my church is brainwashing me. They think I am making this speaking in tongues thing up and don’t believe the dreams I dream. I don’t know what to do. I am finding it hard to pray and love them because of the hurtful things they have said to me. I feel isolated in my own home.

Dear Sister, that happens to every person who has decided to go against the world and evil… Therefore if you find it very good being in CHRIST then don’t let go of them #Familly but instead add and keep loving them that will give you the courage to #PrayForThem because you see they are #Perishing and that Hurts….. Keep heart Sister

I am actually going through the same thing right now. I may not be able to speak in tongues but I believe in the God given gifts. That’s just a gift that wasn’t given unto me: I have been given others. I have learned that you cannot share everything with the world: they will not understand. You are Maturing in your faith and may have to walk alone, leaving others behind. It hurts. Just pray for them. They will be blessed by Your faith. They talked about Jesus -are you any better than HIM?  V

I just read your recent post about your family. It is so hard, being the first generation Christian is always hard. You have to remember to always pray for their salvation, for God to give you wisdom on what to say, when to say it and to who. Be patient, be kind, be gentle and always pray for them. Be an example to them you have to remember that scripture says that salvation is a joke to those who don’t know it but it is power to those who do! Remember that Jesus himself said we would

Not be likes because of him. Stand strong and pray, the unbelieving heart is so rebellious and again the Lord. Nothing they say should be taken to heart because they can’t see what you see.

Pray and fast for them.

Just keep strong in your beliefs and your faith and just keep praying don’t let anyone shake you in what you know is the truth it says in the Bible in Matthew10:22 and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake but he who endures to the end will be saved, these are the words of Jesus His self.  I have lost all my friends myself I know what you’re going through just be diligent in your Bible study and prayers and when you pray in the spirit do it in private. Don’t ever let anyone stop you just keep seeking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ diligently to the end God bless you love you my sister 

Dear sister,

Don’t give up on your family. God will use you as the light in your household to shine. God has a great plan for you and as a disciple of Christ you will face challenges. Continue to lift them up in prayer especially for their salvation. God is able to do all things including bringing them to Him. Be encouraged!

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