Struggling with a sexual sin

Dear sister,

I am writing because I need your help. I have been struggling with a sexual sin and I have been scared to open up to anyone about it, let alone anyone at church. It all started at a child and it was pure curiousity. But now I have come to a place where it is uncontrollable. I am still a virgin and I know this sin is affecting my purity. I have prayed and fasted but still cannot stop. Please advice me.

The biggest factor one needs to keep in mind myself included is does the thought and/or behavior bring glory to God. If yes then there is nothing to fear if not then it is best to repent from not honoring the Lord in thought or actions such as fantasy or self stimulation. It is best to know up front the body is designed for pleasure so that in itself is not sinful it only becomes sinful if it causes one to crave or lust or habitually or purposely choose to follow after, commit or view sin. And avoiding repetence and purposefully turning from sin and choose God instead especially in lonely or aroused moment nothing surprises God call out to Him as often as needed in prayer, repetence and reading the Bible. God bless heal and restore you we are all fallen by nature in need of a Savior the one and only Jesus Christ!!

This is a topic that may of us christian women suffer with in silence, you are not alone. All I can advice you is to continue to speak life over yourself, your mind, and body and ask God for grace. It is only by His grace that we can live righteously.

Dear sister, I struggled with the same problem for years. I would say for me it took disconnecting from things such as the media and music, that had sexual themes. So small things like unfollowing certain celebrity pages on Instagram, deleting music that spoke of sexual themes and listening to worship music instead. Also I chose to stop watching films and sitcoms with sexual scenes. So I wasn’t seeing or hearing anything that could influence me in that way. Also pray to the Lord and ask Him to help you love Him in a deeper way and also declare that the chains of sexual sin are broken over your life in Jesus’ name. Remember you are a new creation in Christ! Ask Jesus for grace and deliverance for sexual sin and what I do is bind the spirit of sexual sin or perversion in Jesus’ name. It’s a hard road but remember Christ is with you, keep pressing in sister x

Lifting you and standing with you. Father loves and is helping you. Bless you greatly for even speaking it despite the nature of it. THAT IN ITSELF IS THE BEGINNING OF HEALING. Confession. Beautiful and powerful.

5 thoughts on “Struggling with a sexual sin

  1. Woman of God, first of all know that God honors your honesty. That is the first step in admitting that you are aware that you have a problem and you need and want help. Know that whenever you fantasize, think or daydream, there is a seed that has been planted in the mind and the more that you focus on it, you give it an opportunity to grow. It is when you act on it, that it becomes unhealthy for you because you are feeding it by giving life to it, such as the music, books, tv shows, movies and conversations that you allow into your spirit. Because your spirit is open, your body becomes aroused and craves for what you are not in the position to give, which is sex because you are single and you are trying to do things according to the will of God; it then puts you in a very uncomfortable situation. Know that God can and will deliver you, and make you completely healed and whole, in Jesus name. I will keep you in my prayers. Be encouraged.

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  2. I’m curious as to what this sexual sin is… if it’s masturbation, hope you realize there is a science to it, your hormones. But if you are feeling convicted by all means ask the Holy Spirit to help you but I just want to say there is no guilt here. God designed you this way.

    Obviously everything in excess or that creates a distance between u and God needs to end. Cut it off slowly if it at once is to harsh.

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