Is he my husband?

Dear Sister,

Me and my boyfriend having been dating for a year now .I have been asking God for clarity whether he is my husband or not. We do talk about marriage sometimes but I do want to force him and I don’t want to go outside of the will of God. I did have a dream once when we got married but im not sure if this was because I desire it or whether it was confirmation of God. I was wondering if you could advice me on how I could get clarity on this matter. Thanks.

Hopefully your friendship / courtship involves time spent in prayer together. Praying for one another shows a vulnerability and a willingness to share the important issues of life with each other. Also reading God’s Word together. Not in a forced way but because your both focused on Him and obedience to His Word is another common factor. Praying for guidance in your quiet time. 

Dear Sister,  
I was led to ask the sister that wants to know if this man is her husband on God for 3days. I don’t know if you can fast and pray but if you can you will receive a divine touch from heaven. 
God can change the heart of kings and he will touch and direct your husband to you without delay. Jeremiah 29:11 can be used during your period of waiting and reject the spirit that causes delay strongly whilst calling for God’s intervention speedily. God bless you sister. Shalom

How do I know he’s my husband?  It’s all up to you. The Most High has given us free will to come and go as we please. This being said he will place plenty of candidates in your path but it’s up to you to choose. So choose a man that has a heart for The Most High and has shown you that he is the kind of man that can love and respect you forever.

3 thoughts on “Is he my husband?

  1. The Bible says that “Some things come through only fasting and prayer.” With that being said, your answer may come through fasting, along with prayer. Also, ask God to give you a clear sign so that you will not be wasting your time, in the event that the individual is not your mate because it sounds as if you are already emotionally involved.

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