Giving in church

Dear Sister,

I have currently joined a new church. I really enjoy the praise and worship, as well as the teaching. My concern is that they are continuously mentioning money. I understand the concept of tithing and giving in church, but at each service they encourage you to give more. Also, each member has an online account on the church website which keeps track of your givings. This has made me feel really uncomfortable.There are times in the month when I don’t have money to give and don’t feel like going to church to feel humilated. Please advice me on whether im perhaps overacting/ being stingy or whether it is the church.

It’s scriptural to give 10% but let the Holy Spirit move you. There should be a sense of freedom in giving not obligation. Take it to God and he will correct anything concerning you. There are many ways to give love and I think God stretches each of us differently. He may start with my money, your relationship, another’s foul mouth etc. Pray on it girlfriend, take it to him. God I’m not feeling good about this what are you trying to show me…Don’t stop going to church because of it. You are there to find an atmosphere that opens up your heart to find more clarity in His word, let nothing come between God and you. Nothings easy in this Christ walk. We get a statement of what we’ve given at the end of the year, which is similar. That online thingy is just more tech savvy probably. Be blessed sister. I hope im not out of bounds with my reply.

If u attend a Pentecostal church, u need to be aware that Pentecostalism is business. The more u give money to them the more they make u feel Christian. Pentecostalism is pure business and they tailor their messages around the old testament concept of giving such as Malachi 3:10 which was about the Aaronic priesthood and ancient Israel. Their mission is not about u gaining eternal life through the cross. No it is about u giving them money and then u wait for blessings. Pastors claim to be the descendant of Aaronic priests. Then they pretend that the church is the store house. They also claim that money is a seed. It is pure deception and robbery. No where in the new testament are Christians are required to tithe. New testament believers give out of love as the Holy spirit guides them. We are saved by grace through faith. Money doesn’t buy eternal life. God is not interested in church buildings, money , planes, and church choirs. It is your soul that God wants to save. The old testament system of tithing has nothing to do with Christians. In Christianity, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We are justified by Faith in Christ and we are saved by his blood and by the grace of God. Wake up

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  1. You are right to feel uncomfortable but, talk to God. Your giving is not just in tithes and offering alone. Giving of your time, of yourself, and all resources freely and with joy is what God looks for. If HE truly sent you to That church, then don’t worry about people. If you really don’t feel the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in that place; then it may be beneficial to ask God to lead you to a Home where you can grow. Too many false prophets are leading congregations to worship money or the adversary. Be very careful my systa. Call on the Lord. He will show you the way.  V.”Systas, United” in CHRIST Women’s Ministry

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  2. My dad always thought that churches now a days are businesses. Most of these places worship money instead of God. It’s a shame. I feel for you girl and I want to encourage you to talk to God about this, he will reveal the path you belong. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the mass. In the end it’s your salvation that matters. I agree with the comment above, giving your time, yourself with joy is what truly matters to God. Be blessed

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