Dating a non-believer


Dear sister,

I am currently dating a guy who is not a Christian. I really like him, however all my friends at church say I should not be yoked with a non-believer. Am I sinning by dating him? Do I have to break up with him just because he’s not Christian? He respects my faith and principles but he is of another faith.

Firstly, if you love God, you shouldn’t feel guilty. Cause guilt comes from the devil, not from God. Secondly, good that you at least want to consider God’s consent with your marriage. Thirdly, it is very difficult to understand God’s will and what is right through Holy Bible. Mainly, because we just want to read what is good in the Bible and not what is against out will. 
Now coming to your point, I recommend you to read the bible verse by verse, right from the start. Bible never approves or say anything about having non-believer girlfriends and boyfriends. It just talks about marriage, husbands, and wives, both believers and non-believers. Kindly read the entire Corinthians and Peter, especially, 1st Corinthians 7:14 and 
1st Peter 3:1-2. And ask God to provide you power of discernment! He is kind God; he will suggest what is best for you. Take care 🙏

Dear sister,

I can totally relate to your situation. The matters of the heart are tricky, and God has given us free will. Out of all of this, my prayer for you is that God will bring you a man who will love you the way God loves you (unconditionally). A man who will help you to fulfill your God given purpose, draw you closer to God and not further away. If this is that man, I pray that God will open the eyes of His understanding, may God guide Him and order his steps. If he is not the man God ordained for you, I pray that God will give your clarity and give you the grace to let go. As much as we can love, our salvation and the will of God is the most important thing we should strive for. Continue to pray and ask God for clarity. He always speaks to us, but sometimes we are too busy too listen or ignore the little voice. You are in my prayers sis!

I’m responding about the young lady dating a non-believer.

There’s a young lady attending my church.  She was not saved when she had a baby by a young man.  That baby is about 8 or 9 years old now and recently moved with his dad.  The dad is not a Christian and now forbids the young lady to call to pray with their son.  The son has to hide in the closet to pray.  The father told the young lady he doesn’t want any <expletive> Jesus <expletive> in his house.  Please share this with the young lady.

In short, as an elder and bible teacher in my church, I would advise her against dating or marrying him.

Dear sister,

Dating a man who is not of the same faith is not a sin. If your faith is strong and rooted in Christ then your light will shine on the dark places in his life. Every friendship and relationship is an opportunity for others to gain a better understanding of Christ through us. Let us dig a little deeper into those statements and what they could mean for you.
Dating a man who has a different religion than you is not wrong. I personally believe all religions derive from an old testament view of God where somewhere along the way people got lost. These people took some truths and formatted them to fit their culture and lifestyle preferences. Knowing some truth but not all of the truth. If you are dating this guy and participating in sinful acts, that is where things get sticky. We do not represent Christ and sin and effectively reach others, this is where we melt into your light shining into the dark places of his life.
Faith in Christ allows us to exude a light that naturally attracts the spirit of people who deep down inside crave to know who Jesus Christ really is. We can use every opportunity in every relationship to be Christ-like and peak a persons interest in following our savior.
Pray to God and ask him to reveal to you why you are in this young man’s life. Even if it be just for a season there is still a reason.

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